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Soph Serve

campaign development / brand / web

'Soph Serve' Class
Presidential Campaign

campaign development + branding for a WINNING slate of stanford class presidential candidates


I was recruited in early winter 2017 to serve as the campaign manager for a team of four Stanford students running as a slate of candidates for the Class of 2020 sophomore class presidency.

My first task was to lead the team to develop a slate name and concept that would lend itself to a strong visual brand identity. After days and days of whiteboarding, the group rallied around the name 'Soph Serve,' a light-hearted pun that also referenced the slate's student-focused platform.

Next, I prototyped different versions of the team's logo and associated visual brand identities that would inform all of the campaign's print and digital collateral.


Since the role of the class presidency at Stanford is to promote cohesion and inclusion within the student body, logo our team chose emphasized whimsy and accessibility. Plays on the primary colors blue and yellow are familiar, but with a softer, more casual feel. The hand-drawn soft serve cone, retro script font, and concentric circles also enhance the feeling of playful unity. Our team was particularly excited about incorporating the motif of sweets within our visual identity—a theme that would recur across other pieces of brand collateral and field programming.

Once we'd developed our core brand, I led the team through working sessions to refine their platform, then designed an accessible one-pager to highlight the slate's campaign promises and values.

With the guiding principles of the campaign established, I turned my efforts to messaging and marketing. I conceptualized, executed, and drove promotion for strategic field events to promote face-to-face interactions between our candidates and prospective voters. These events were in keeping with the campaign's desserts motif: 'Pups and Pops' and 'Treats at TAP.'


I also built and maintained Soph Serve's web, social media, and print marketing efforts over the duration of the campaign.


After a hard-fought campaign against two other slates, Soph Serve ultimately won the Stanford sophomore class presidency. The team earned a whopping 67% of the total vote share in a race with one of the highest-ever voter turnouts in recent school history.